Carve is an Alaskan Based Clothing company interested in community outreach and positive networking.
Carve Clothing is a Outdoor adventure brand featuring unique and out-of-the-box designs, Carve strives to be different than the rest. Carve started with hard work, long hours and lots of frosty beverages.. Influenced by the street and Inspired by the love of the mountains....         

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We have a responsibility to the sports we pioneered - and to the people and environment that sustain it.

Our commitment is to make Carve as respected for our environmental and social impact as we are for our products. In doing so, we will help to make snowboarding/skateboarding - and our lifestyle - sustainable well into the future.

Our company philosophy is based on a three-fold responsibility.

People: To create fair human working conditions, to support social initiatives and to foster a multi-cultural company philosophy

Product: To produce the best outdoor equipment which meets the expectations of mountain professionals and enthusiasts

Planet: To produce environmental friendly products and foster a global ecological awareness

True to its principles, Carve has now been producing high-quality technical clothing.

At Carve we strive to minimize the impact we have on the environment whenever possible. The CLEAN initiative that looks to reduce chemical applications in the manufacturing process while maintaining or improving quality and performance of the raw materials and overall product.

Our environmental protection policy is based on a measured and consistent approach to achieving greater sustainability. Our collections include more and more products that are made from recycled polyester, organic cotton and other environmentally friendly materials.

Our choice concerning the use of such materials is based on the following premise: If we can achieve the same level or a better level of product performance using sustainable fabrics, we will use them.